The Why & How of Changing your Thinking

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Beliefs can be likened to a filter on a lens – impacting how you see your world, and consequently how you behave. If you wish to change the way you live, then first you need to change how you view your life.

Your beliefs are patterns of experience or observation that have been committed to your subconscious brain over time. What is critically relevant is that a belief determines how you behave. The relationship between your beliefs and your behaviours’ is as closely connected as breathing in and breathing out. One absolutely determines the other.

Your beliefs can be as deep-seated as ‘I must work harder, in order to succeed’, ‘money is scarce’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ [I refer to these as pre-determined beliefs because you ‘learned’ them inadvertently in your formative years, perhaps from overhearing your parents, or observing the behaviours of others], or they can develop from a simple comment that you inadvertently repeat to yourself for example ‘I’m so tired’ or ‘I don’t have time for exercise’ or ‘I’m so disorganized’ [I refer to these as lifestyle beliefs because they arise from a particular situation and then continue to perpetuate]. The former, you are less aware of. The latter, are beliefs that if you listen carefully, are chattering as an inner dialogue daily, as you pull out of bed in the morning, or as you race from pillar to post during the day. These inner dialogues are essentially programming your brain to act accordingly; “I’m tired”, “I have so much to do today”, “I’ll begin at the gym next week”. When you successfully shift your limiting beliefs, you begin a shift in how you perceive and experience your life.

Your conscious and subconscious minds work together. The conscious mind is creative and has thoughts and ideas. The subconscious mind is strictly habitual and follows patterns. A consistent, continual thought is recognised as a pattern by your subconscious mind, therefore your thoughts need to be positive and constructive if you wish to live a happy positive life.
Take some time to review what your current beliefs are. Think over the various areas of your life, or areas that you are wishing to change, and ask yourself whether your thoughts are aligned with the results you desire. If you are continually telling yourself that your partner is irritating or that work is too busy, it will only continue to perpetuate.
Choose up to three, new beliefs that you will create. I.e. ‘I listen to the needs of my partner’, or ‘my career is full and challenging and I manage it well’. Decide what habits or patterns you need to establish so that your new beliefs are supported.

When you have knowledge of how your beliefs and behaviours work together you will be able to see many areas of your life where there is an opportunity for improvement. Essentially, anything that is not running smoothly can be adjusted with a new frame of mind, and a matching set of behaviours, over time. Promise yourself to think of this as an opportunity to enhance your life.

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