Need a New You?

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When you are faced with a major event, or shift in your life, it’s helpful to realise that change is simply a natural rhythm.

  1. Know that Change is a natural rhythm.
    Many of us are uncomfortable at the prospect of change. When faced with change, it can be assuring to realise that change is a natural rhythm. Nature is the perfect example of continual change. The seasons, the temperatures, the tides – all changing, without resistance, and without fear. If nature were not to go through change, our world would stagnate and suffer, and likewise if you do not go through change when necessary, your life can become challenging.
  2. Look forward.
    You will see in nature, that there is always a clear next step in the process. This idea can help us move forward in times of change. We are creatures of habit so it can be challenging to imagine something different if we have been in the same situation for a long period. However, human nature finds it more uplifting and inspiring to look forward to what’s ahead, than to have a focus on what is behind you. Take just a small amount of time to envisage the new you. Not necessarily the next steps just yet, more how you will become a stronger, happier, or more confident version of yourself.
  3. Journal your Ideas.
    I frequently refer to the advantage of writing our thoughts and ideas on paper over merely thinking about them, or tapping them on a keyboard. Writing engages a different region of your brain than thinking and keyboard tapping – a region that thinks critically, and that problem solves. Imagine an aspect of your new life playing out, for example where do you live, who are you with, what are you doing for work? Take your pen to paper with these thoughts and see where it goes… Notice how as you write, more thoughts come to mind and there is more cohesion of your ideas.
  4. Keep ‘clues’ of your new life in close proximity.
    It’s common for a person to set a goal and then promptly forget about it, simply because there is no system in place to keep it top of mind, or give it momentum. Nature has prepared wonderful clues, so that change can ensue. The sun rises, and the flowers are prompted to open, temperatures warm so the coats of our wildlife are prompted to become thinner – and in your case, when you make sure to create visual reminders of the life you would like to have in sight, you will be prompted to think about it, imagine it, and feel it so much more.
  5. Break it down.
    You will find that simply because you have taken these previous steps toward your new life, the next steps of breaking it down will come more naturally. Is there a phone call you need to make, a CV to collate, a new region to research? From there, what would be next? Make sure that you have charted a set of steps forward over a period of days or weeks and commit to them. Anytime you are unsure, revisit your journal, and remind yourself of what is drawing you forward.
  6. The Real You.
    Whatever the change, wherever you go there will be one constant that stays with you always, and that’s you. To rediscover the real you will give you a very strong yet gentle resolve, that almost anything ahead of you can be endured and enjoyed. Pause. Imagine the real you – laughing, smiling, doing what you love, who’s in your life, and who’s no longer? In those moments where you connect with the real you, you may find an illuminating realisation about the life you are intended to live. Where previously there were fears about letting go, or moving on, here you will find the answers. Embrace them…

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