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Described as being ahead of her time when it comes the the needs of our communities, Sarah strives to address those needs across several platforms – breakfast television, radio commentary, magazines and her love of writing books.

She is a best-selling author, speaker, and has been a columnist for magazines throughout Australasia for over 10 years.  Sarah’s success in her field started in 2007 when she wrote her first 12-month lifestyle programme, Change your Life.  It was syndicated across several international magazines, and then published by Random House into the first of her best-selling books.  Her next book From Tired to Inspired followed, and most recently Stress Less was published after time spent with neuroscientists at UCLA, Berkeley.

Sarah is an inspiring ambassador for change-making, and coaches people across several industry sectors.  Whether you’re traversing the corporate world, starting a precious new business or transitioning into or back out of parenthood, her expertise will ensure you thrive in that space.

Sarah’s passion for creating relevant and inspiring content has seen her engaged to work with many of our greatest organisations including Air New Zealand, Estee Lauder Group, Ecostore, CPA International, ANZ, BNZ, Fletcher Building, Harcourts, Bayleys, Bauer Media, Vector, Icebreaker, Caci Clinic, Chamber of Commerce and Television New Zealand.

Her most recent work has been a collective of research, insight and expertise from authorities around the world.
She has aggregated the work of neuroscientists, cell biologists, psychologists and industry leaders to sharpen the lens of the extraordinary potential of people.

Sarah’s mission is to educate and inspire people to be happier, families to shine and workplaces to thrive so that we can live in a more vibrant world.